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    I had someone edit my homepage and they used the Elementor plugin to add a new header and footer. However, now the theme default style of having the featured image + page or post title does not show up on any internal pages of my website. The normal layout of featured image + title doesn’t even display when you click on a blog post. Does this have something to do with Elementor? Am I able to correct this and still use the plugin?

    Here are examples of what I mean:
    1) This blog post doesn’t display a title or featured image, even though I have the post set to the default template: https://peculiaronpurpose.com/2021/09/celebrating-your-small-wins

    2) This page does not display the featured image or page title, even though I have the page set to the default template style: https://peculiaronpurpose.com/events

    Any help would be greatly appreciated because all my settings still show that the pages and posts should be the theme settings. I am unsure if Elementor somehow overrides the theme?

    Website: peculiaronpurpose.com

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    Elementor is capable of completely replacing the theme’s built-in structure with its own defined markup. This is configured through the plugin’s options: https://elementor.com/blog/header-footer-builder/

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