Featured Icon Blocks – Exerpt Length / Alignment

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    You are continuing along your usual high standards. Fluida theme is a simple theme to use but with complex outcomes. Very Nice, Very up-to-date! Very Good! I have absolutely no issues with setting up an annual subscription to pay for support. Thank you.

    RE: Appearance >>> Fluida Theme >>> Customize Fluida >>> Landing Page >>> Featured Icon Blocks

    Would it be possible to have two additions to the Icon Blocks, (maybe to all the sections of the Landing Page where applicable?)

    As the output from the pages is not formatted (on one page I have a vertical list, so it hits the landing page as a sentence of country names which looks little weird on the front page,) could these options be added?

    ~ Excerpt Length (# words as per Post Info >>> Excerpts area)
    ~ Alignment (left, middle, right, justify – sometimes a centre alignment just doesn’t look right.)

    I am happy to have just icons and page names from here, without an excerpt (thinking mobile)

    I like all your themes, but I think this might be your best! (so far, I can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

    Thank you once again.

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