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    Good morning,

    for a few months I’m registrating a new behavour of the posts in “Featured Content” on the landing page.

    On the landing page I’m presenting the 9 latest posts of my site as featured content. The post items below the top row are slipping into the items below. Sometimes the teaser text is partly hidden by the featured image below and the “read more” button remains invisible or very hardly clickable.

    This behavour occours on Chrome and on Firefox as well, both on desktop and mobile version. I didn’t test other browsers.
    It also doesn’t matter if the layout is “contained” or “wide”, same if there are 2 or 3 columns.

    Furthermore I tested with the “Article Animation on Scroll” (Customizer > General > Decorations): Every option leads the items to be slipped into each other.

    Since I don’t get rid of this problem I’m asking for help. Thanks in advance!

    Website: www.plejadium.de


    Cryout Creations Team

    Please disable the images lazyload functionality and the posts should arrange themselves correctly.

    The code stacking the posts needs to calculate their height. Since the images are not present at that moment, the space they should occupy is not included in the calculations, and when they pop-up later, they make things overlap.

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    Thank you, this makes sense, I never would’ve figured it out 😀

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