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    I updated Fluida and the Featured Boxes 2 now only show the most recent posts. I used to have them show posts from a specific tag, but while I have selected it from the dropdown menu “Boxes Content”, it doesn’t work. I tried to disable them, reactivate them, still nothing. I changed several times the tags, tried to re-save the tags in the post. They just don’t work anymore. Now they only show the latest updates so they basically are useless for what I need.

    Do you have any suggestion on how to fix this? Whenever I update this theme there’s something not working, I’m getting very discouraged 🙁

    Website: www.travellingdany.com

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Tags? Or categories?
    The theme’s selectors only display categories for post filtering.

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    Categories, sorry!

    This is the blog: https://www.travellingdany.com

    The square boxes (4) on the home page showed featured posts that I tagged specifically. Now they only show the most recent posts. I didn’t change anything, but I just updated the theme.


    I have updated Fluida again and I can confirm that the featured boxes (either, both 1 and 2) won’t hold the category anymore. So you can select what you want to see in there but it will just show the newest posts, no matter how many times you change it.

    Will this be sorted out or should I just delete them/change theme? I need to add a few highlights to specific posts in my landing page and it’s not possible anymore.

    Website: www.travellingdany.com

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    Cryout Creations mastermind

    I cannot reproduce such an issue in the release.
    Check if the category you are selecting doesn’t have any subcategories that also have posts (which would be used in the boxes as well).

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    They’re all posts from a specific category used only for the posts on landing page, with no subcategory. Also it’s the same as it was before, only after the last 2 updates the featured boxes don’t work anymore, with no category. I select the category (ANY) and it still shows the latest posts. I had to remove them, but I’m unhappy about it because now I don’t have a way to highlight specific posts on my landing page. I wanted to buy the theme but if the issue can’t be fixed I’m not sure it meets my needs.

    Website: www.travellingdany.com


    The same issue here (at the time in localhost only; I am the very new user of Fluida)

    I have the wordpress and FluidaPlus up-to-date.

    The “featured content” works weird in my attempts to place featured text and featured boxes on the landing page.

    To make bilingual website using Polylang I have created a pair of categories of featured content and have attached the respective pages to them, i.e. the English page to the English category and the Czech page to the Czech category.

    For the Featured Boxes on landing page, I can either attach All post categories, or specific post category, or All Feature Boxes categories or specific Feature Boxes category. Three of the options work well (All categories for posts display the newest posts, Specific category of posts displays posts from the given category, All Feature Boxes categories display all Feature boxes as expected), but if I choose any specific category of the Featured Boxes, nothing is included to the page.

    The Featured Texts created using the Feature Content plugin are ignored if set-up to the Text Area. There is probably an easy workaround for this to use Page instead, but I feel this as a pity.

    I tried to refresh the Fluida settings to defaults and the problem persists.

    I hope I made it to explain the issue.

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    We have not tested multilingual support (Polylang/WPML or qTranslate) with the Featured Content plugin, but we’ll look into this.
    If multilanguage support is activated on the custom post type added by the plugin, then things should technically work the same as with standard posts/pages (the theme code handling the two cases is the same).

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    I have encountered the same issue on homepage after updating Fluida.

    My site is in bilingual and holds 3 languages with Polylang. I have created a set categories contain 3 languages (gallery, zh-gallery, cn-gallery). Within each category, it contain 2 posts with same content but different languages.

    You know, for the Featured Boxes on landing page, it only can choose one category in 1 area, so I choose the “gallery” with 2 posts in English. Originally, when I changed to other language, Featured Boxes would automatically changed to “zh-gallery” with 2 same post in Traditional Chinese. It did the same in the third language.

    After updating, when I choose the “gallery” with 2 posts in English, it works well. But when I switch to Chinese, it displays all posts in Chinese version, instead of posts in “zh-gallery” category.

    Fluida does not allow me to select different category in Featured Boxes tab when I change the language. Any fix?

    Website: www.causewayeducation.com


    I must confirm this bug. Very severe. I use Polylang plugin and when the plugin is switched on, the Featured Content, Text Area in my case, is not visible at all on the landing page.

    The site is a test: bimx.cloud

    I would like to copy the text and image setup from the Fluida demo, which I thought would be best to use Featured Content – Text Area. Is the section “Meet Doug Greene” done this way or am I following the wrong way ?

    Website: bimx.cloud

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