Featured boxes cannot be disabled?

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    I installed the Bravada theme today – and I have the impression that the “featured boxes” area cannot be disabled, nor can the “featured boxes 2” area, which means that I’m displaying twice the same information on the landing page.
    How can I disable the section pls ? There’s a drop-down box saying “boxes content” but this drop-down is empty.
    Thank you!


    Issue resolved – the featured boxes could not be disabled because I didn’t have any categories defined. Once I had at least one category, the “boxes content” dropdown shown both the category name as well as “disabled”.

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    The ‘disable’ option should always be available for selection. We’ll look into this, thank you for pointing it out.

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    I have a similar problem. I disabled the featured boxes but would like to enable them now, however clicking on the ‘Boxes Content’ drop down menu doesn’t show up any options.



    Hey @plants68 do you have categories defined? In my case it just didn’t work without them.

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