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    Hey Cryout-Team,

    first of all a giant praise for your great theme!
    I’m actually experimenting with your theme in order to switch from my actual one to Tempera soon. But what I’m missing is the option to add more that five social media buttons to my presentation page. Especially with the huge variety of buttons you propose it would be really nice to add more than the five given slots.
    Is something like a place holder, a dropdown e.g. to set the number of slots by myself planed for a future release or could you think about this feature request?



    I’m aslo looking for a way to have more than 5 social icons in use. All the social icons are there to choose from, and there is plenty of space to have alot more than just 5 social icons. So why the limitation ? Please fix this. thanks.


    Another vote for the ability to display more than 5 icons please. I have used all my spaces up and have 3 icons I still need to display so am looking at having to use a custom menu and some manual coding instead. Would be much easier to add more via the Tempera Settings 🙂


    Another vote for more social icon.

    AND…. is it possible to ADD NEW ICON? for TripAdvisor please?



    and please add the “bloglovin” icon


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