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    I have the top boxes on my landing page. I used a custom box height. Using Chrome every time I visit my home page I have to refresh the page to get the custom height to show up. This happens if I go follow a menu link away and back again. I have emptied my cache several times. I tried 2 other browsers. In edge it shows up wrong even after refresh. In firefox it shows up correct without refresh. Please address this issue and fix.

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    What theme version are you using?
    Can you post a link to your site?

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    Kahuna ChildVersion:
    KahunaVersion: 1.1.2


    I have regenerated thumbs. Didn’t help. I have the LP featured bottom boxes set to a height of 400. It only shows correctly in Chrome when I refresh.

    A separate issue (hopefully) is the text box from one of my pages that is located above the featured bottom box is not showing images. I believe that is a plugin issue.

    I really need those boxes to work correctly. The distortion is distracting. Especially going from full laptop screen to any resize the images are not keeping aspect. The same happens on my phone screen.


    Disabled Async plugin which fixed the problem.

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