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    Rob Nicholls
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    I’m using Kahuna Plus, and on the landing page have Featured Boxes active. When the appearance setting is for a box that shows an excerpt of the post there is an issue when there is an embedded YouTube video at the beginning of the post. The excerpt in the box shows the URL (unlinked) of the YouTube video – however when going to the blog page, the excerpts there do not show that URL.

    The post is a YouTube video followed by text, and I would expect the excerpts on both the featured boxes and blog page to be consistent – and not show the URL.

    If it matters, the YouTube videos were embedded via the core WordPress option, not a plugin.

    Rob Nicholls
    Power User

    After quite a lot of searching around, I tried something that seems to solve the above issue.

    I’m using a Child Theme, so I had to go into the functions in the Parent Theme: in the file includes/core.php on line 499 I added the following $text = excerpt_remove_blocks( $text );

    This was added above this line: $text = strip_shortcodes( $text );

    I’m not fully fluent in WordPress (or PHP), but is there a way of acheiving this by adding something to the Child Theme?

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    As I have said in the ticket response, thank you for pointing out that the excerpt no longer works as expected and for providing a possible solution.

    We’ll address the issue for the next theme update.

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