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    I’ve been through every file and line of code that I know of and I can’t solve this issue. HELP! Behind(?) the footer, there is an extra field that shouldn’t be appearing. I believe it has something to do with the content. Also, the container is overlapping the footer area (or at least the extra field) and I can’t get rid of this. I do want an empty margin around the outside (header & footer not cooperating). Please let me know what’s wrong asap. Thanks!
    My client’s site is http://www.catholic-sc.org/saukcentre

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    I see you’ve customized theme files directly. This is generally a bad idea as you can no longer update the theme.

    You also use a lot of !important’s in the customized style and add margins on elements that shouldn’t have the margins changed. This will definitely cause layout issues with the site.

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    Okay, I get that. But, can you tell where the issue is originating from so I can correct it?


    Do you have any suggestions?

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