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    Dear people,

    Thank you for the new update this week, but i got a problem with the decoration of my hyperlinks. Before updating i got no decoration and now most of the links underlined. Theme seems not reacting anymore at my line in extra CSS:


    How do I get rid of this unwanted underlining?

    Thank you for helping me in advance

    Website: www.archeologiegorinchem.com

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    You already sent the solution to me, many tnx


    Hi dear »veenm«,

    I’ve got the same problem with the (unwanted) link underlining, so I had to restore the former version 1.5.2.. Obviously the solution you mentioned above functions very well on your fine site and the new combination with hover underlining looks great.

    Would you be so kind to publish the solution you had been sent to?

    Your first attempt with


    didn’t work for me either.

    Thanks in advance

    Website: www.sprachblasen.de

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Adding the underlining effect to all content links is a requirement imposed (for accessibility reasons) during the theme update review process.

    The effect can be force-removed with CSS, if needed:

    .entry-content a:not([class]), .entry-excerpt a:not([class]),
    #comments .comment-body a:not([class]), 
    .widget-container.widget_text a:not([class]), .ppbox a:not([class]) {
        text-decoration: none;

    Include the styling below to keep the underlining on hover:

    .entry-content a:not([class]):hover,
    .entry-excerpt a:not([class]):hover,
    #comments .comment-body a:not([class]):hover,
    .widget-container.widget_text a:not([class]):hover,
    .ppbox a:not([class]):hover {
        text-decoration: underline;

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    WOW, super! – Thanks a lot, very kind of you!
    Greetings, Chrissi

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