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    Hi there,
    I run a website with more pages than posts and would like to use the excerpt feature on pages to show on the start page and/or beneath other pages.
    With Parabola as active theme the feature is not available on pages, only on posts.
    (with other themes it is available)

    By changing type from page to post I can see and use the excerpt field, anyway that is not a proper solution…….

    What to do?


    Website: www.wurzeln-der-erde.de

    Cryout Creations mastermind


    WordPress by default does not provide excerpts functionality for pages, only for posts. You can enable excerpts on pages using this plugin (disregard that it isn’t updated, it only contains one action override).

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    Hi Zed,
    Thanks for the answer and solution.
    On a first view it seems to solve the issue.


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