Esoterica Icon Blocks – Disable animation?

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    John Hoke
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    I am really loving this Esoterica Plus theme, one thing that I am working on is improving my Google Page Rank scoring for desktop and mobile.

    One new area Google is ranking is Cumulative Layout Shift, which the animations of icon blocks is (I believe) impacting and I would like to disable the movement of the icon block. I want to keep the actual animation of the icon but stop the slide up on load/scroll.

    Is this possible? I dont see an option in Customizer to disable the animation, so is there anything I can do short of editing the theme? I am hoping that there is a way to add a toggle in an appended JS or CSS that would remove this layout shift.

    To be clear … on my page under the Slider section I am using “Icon Block 1” to display featured content for three areas Blog | Galleries | SmugMug Store link which shift vertically and thats what I am looking to disable … the vertical shift.



    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Esotera has an animation-control option, but that doesn’t apply to most landing page element animations.

    Try the following custom CSS to disable the slide-up animations of the icon blocks:

    body .lp-blocks .lp-block {
        -webkit-transition: none;
        transition: none;

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