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    I really like the Tempera theme, but before using it, I wanted to know if I could add the view counter of the plugin “Post views Counter” in the “entry-Meta” section whether in the home page and on the postss.
    If so, how?
    Thank you

    Website: entry-meta,%20Post%20views%20Counter


    in a child theme, file single.php, I put the code
    ID ) ?> Vus
    just after this code
    <?php tempera_meta_before(); cryout_post_meta_hook(); ?>
    and it’s good

    For the homepage, file content/content.php line of code
    <?php cryout_post_after_content_hook(); ?>

    In style.css, put

    /* Views */
    .views {display: block; float: left; margin-right: 12px; line-height: 2;}
    .dashicons, .dashicons-before:before {float: left;}

    Here is the solution, problem solved

    Website: er.v.free.fr

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