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    Hi. I have set my site title to “Loving 🫲❤️🫱 Hands” – the emojis around the heart depicting hands (obviously). This works in the header bar but not in the animated front page title. Here, each hand becomes double diamonds with question marks inside.

    I’m not much of a programmer anymore, so I can’t figure out what the issue is by looking at the code. Any help available?

    Website: lovinghands.dk


    Thanks for replying, Ritta99.

    The UTF-8 directive is already set. And like I said, it works in the header (upper left, not animated). So it looks like a bug in the animation tool. Funny thing is, I have seen it work in the animation a few times, but in the vast majority of cases it doesn’t.

    Website: lovinghands.dk


    Hi everyone, I’ve encountered similar issues with emojis not rendering correctly in animations. One workaround I’ve found is to use HTML entities for the emojis instead of the actual emoji characters. For example, you can replace the heart emoji with ❤ in your title. It’s not a perfect solution, but it might help as a temporary fix until the bug in the animation tool is resolved. Hope this helps!

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