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    Good afternoon

    When I add a new media in my wordpress (new image for example), I seen that is generated a permalink with a new page. I need help for two questions:

    1) when I add a media in the library I don’t want to generate a permalink with a new page, but I would like to generate a permalink with the URL of the image… I tried to set this option in several ways in wordpress but I didn’t able to set it… In any case, if this is an option to set in wordpress and not in Bravada, please see my question number 2

    2) In this page generated with permalink, there is the possibility to comment; I don’t want this possibility. Why the new page has automatically this option to comment? Where should I act to remove this option?


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    1. The behaviour (and target) of the image link is configurable while editing the image in WordPress’ visual editor.

    2. The “image” pages are dynamically generated and don’t have individual comments options. You could try this plugin to programmatically disable comments there.

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