editor-style.css not working ?

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    Hello !

    I am currently using Parabola for a website (currently being built), but I have some problems, the editor is not actually WYSIWYG. The data from “editor-style.css” are different from what is used int the website.

    In the editor :
    Example : h2 from the editor
    In the website :
    Example : h2 from the website

    As you can see, they are quite different, and in my case the different font-size and font-family are real issues. So, is the editor-style.css file not up to date, or am I missing something here ? I am using a child theme, could this be the issue ?

    Thanks you in advance !

    WordPress 4.7.1
    Parabola (child) 2.1.2

    Website: nouveau.domaineloupia.com

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