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    Dear Zed, I read your reply to cjfeola on 26th April, it seems I have the same problems after the wordpress 5 update. Your answer is about previous WP updates, can I follow the same advice? (I was running the latest Nirvana theme already and deactivated and activated it again, but no change) Your answer was:

    Since version 1.2 Nirvana uses the companion Serious Settings plugin to activate its settings page (the reasons behind this are detailed in the 1.2 update announcement).

    As you’re still using a (very) old version of the theme on the site you will need to update the theme past v1.2 for the settings plugin to work (as described here).

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    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Are you having the same trouble (inability to view/use the theme’s settings page)?

    What theme version do you have installed on the site? Is the companion settings plugin also installed and activated?

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