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    I think I don’t understand how images are supposed to work in the Kahuna theme.

    I set up a featured image which I want to use as the default on most of my pages (for now), but it is getting “blown up” in the header. I can see the image changing from the original to this “blown up” version when I move from one page to another. Here’s an example page:

    On the home page (, your original image is overlaying mine and I don’t know how to change this. When I edit the page, there is no “featured image” so I don’t know where it’s getting your original image from. When I look at my media library, your image (people at a coffee shop with their digital devices) isn’t even in the list.

    What don’t I understand?





    Hi Tina,

    Did you figure out why your featured images are getting blown up in the header? The same thing is happening to me and the pictures look very pixelated. It looks terrible. I have tried to resize my images in so many different ways and it doesn’t make a difference.


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