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    Any information on how the removal of the Copyright is done after you have donated the 25$?? I don’t want to do any child themes or do any editing in the code. I will do a job for a customer and this theme would be perfect. But they will have it without the “Powered by Tempera & WordPress.” I hope you can inform me soon so the job can be done.


    If you really *are* a designer you should know you can do a global search for any piece of code or text with your html editor.

    Best theme

    No I am no designer (and I am not doing anything for money) just would have been interested to know what happens after donating the 25$. Is there a plugin to download or anything like that?
    But it’s ok if there is no info on this then just have to look for an other theme. There are plenty of them but not many are as good as Tempera and Parabola.


    If I understand it correctly, nothing will automatically happen if you donate. It’s just to ease your conscience. 🙂

    Taking a quick glance, the relevant code is in ***** CENSORED *****. If you were to do some reading on WordPress child themes you could probably get rid of that. Then again, undoing a parent’s functions isn’t as easy as overwriting a parent’s CSS…

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