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    I have hidden header tags on my pages that won’t display and can’t be removed. For example, on my homepage, it’s using my site title as the h1 tag and for the first h2 tag as well, but neither of these is displaying as actual text on the page. I tried removing the text under Settings > General but then the code for the tags is still there with blank header tags. On other pages on my site, the h1 tag is also hidden and is being pulled from the name of the page shown in the backend of WordPress.

    Below is the outline of my homepage’s header tags. The first two are hidden.

    <h1>Missy Williams Digital LLC
    <h2>Missy Williams Digital LLC

    <h2>Digital Marketing Services

    How can I either make only the h1 tag visible (and remove the redundant h2 tag) or remove the two tags altogether?

    Website: missywilliams.com

    Cryout Creations mastermind


    You have made changes to the theme’s style file, which affect the header title (holding the h1 tag on the homepage) visibility and behaviour:

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