Display colour background instead of header image below breakpoint value

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    I’ve got a header image (1180 x 120px), and a custom logo (270 x 89px). Viewed on a mobile the effect isn’t good, the header image scrunches up beneath the logo and makes the logo very indistinct. i.e. it’s a mess!

    Below a breakpoint of, say, 600px window width, I’d like not to display the header image and just have a black background colour, against which my logo will display well.

    Can I do this in Tempera? If I have to throw some custom CSS at it, what would this be? (I’m not a css guru!)


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    You can do that with CSS:

    @media (max-width: 640px) {
       #branding #bg_image {
           opacity: 0; 

    This will make the header image fully transparent (so it maintains its height and place in the header), leaving the header background color visible.

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