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    Good evening.
    After updating the theme, there was a problem with displaying content on the pages. As if the layout was shifting. Content disappears as you scroll the page. Where could the problem lie? I will add, that the posts are displayed correctly.
    Sample page: http://www.wolnykanal.pl/o-mnie/
    Sample post: http://www.wolnykanal.pl/2020/03/24/incepcja/

    Website: www.wolnykanal.pl


    Good evening.
    There were some problems on my website after the last theme update. It’s about pages, not posts. Posts display properly, but pages don’t. Content disappears while pages are displayed. Also when scrolling the page.
    For example: http://www.wolnykanal.pl/o-mnie/
    Where can I look for a solution to my problem?

    Website: www.wolnykanal.pl

    Cryout Creations Team


    Could you double-check if the problematic page is using any specific page template?

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