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    I have a mysterious problem that I cannot sort out. On the pages at http://scruffcats.org/ I can see the H tags in edit mode, but cannot see them when the page is live. This page, http://scruffcats.org/our-services/, has text lines that have been formatted to look like they are H2, but they are not actually H2. You can see how we would be using H2 if they they were truly visible.

    I cannot figure out why the headings are invisible when viewed live.

    Does anybody have an idea about this?

    Many thanks!

    Website: scruffcats.org

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    Do you have a page/post currently accessible on the site where the headings are included in the content (and visible in the editor) but not visible on the frontend?
    I’ve looked through multiple pages and I cannot locate any H tags in the code either.

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    Hi, Zed,

    My level of confusion grows, so I will try to explain what happened. A day or so ago I tried to reply here and wrote a message explaining that I had made a special “Heading Demo” page that consisted only of headings H1 through H6. I linked to that page in the reply I wrote here.

    I do not see that reply online, so I am guessing that it is in moderation and being held. Either that or I made a mistake!!

    Anyway, I received a message from my client today saying that the home page was not right and they attached a screenshot. In short, the Heading Demo page I made was appearing in the upper portion of the presentation page where you see Welcome to Scruff now. Note that in the current, correct, setup, the Welcome to Scruff section is a page which is specified via the Codex customize settings. For some reason, the new Heading Demo page “over-rode” those settings and appeared there instead.

    Rather than cause any more worry for the client, I simply put the Heading Demo page in the trash and the presentation page reverted to it’s perfectly normal self.

    I think that I shall leave everything alone because the site working fine and there is no point in causing any concern. I know that the “missing” H tags will probably cause some SEO weaknesses, but that is acceptable under the circumstances.

    Thanks again,


    Website: scruffcats.org

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