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    I would like to thank you for beautiful theme.
    I have come across some issues so far. Will be writing here one of them.

    The language I am using blog though is latin, but there is specific letter such as “ı” and “i” which are “I” and “İ” in correct form capitalizing. Though post titles are indicated in Capitalized Case, in landing page they are UPPER CASED. The issue is – small letters “i” are capitalized same way in English so they appear as “I” which is not correct letter in that particular language.

    So I am searching for solution how to disable auto-upper case or to make them in correct way.


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    You could try changing the fonts to one that has clearer differences between I, i, l and 1.

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    Thank you for response.

    My issue is not related with similarity of l and I. That is about two letters – “i” and “ı” which are identical but one without the dot above. Same like o and ö. Due to in English small letter “i” doesn’t have dot when it is used as capital (I), but in that particular language the dot is used (İ), cause the the letter I – without dot is different oneş

    So to be short in my language forms of small and capital are such:
    i – İ
    ı – I.

    But in theme while capitalizing both of small letters appear as I. So I am looking to overcome this.

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