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    I am using the Bravada theme (free version) and wondering if there is a way to have the header image in fullscreen on the homepage (I have enabled ‘Landing Page’), but with a customised height on the remaining pages?

    I have now chosen “Fullscreen Header Image – Off” with a Header image height of 400px. This seems to work on Desktop, where the homepage header image is still in fullscreen and the remaining pages has 400px. But on mobile, the header height is the same on all pages.

    Website: www.lovgrenco.se



    I fixed this by setting the landing page slider to ‘banner image’ (with a large banner image) and then having the other pages’ header images as small as I could make them (header > content > header image height), while still containing the page titles. This seems to work in terms of minimising the header of other pages for mobile display, although I’m struggling with having the theme work for mobile in other respects (menu and page title from the header are all over the place!!)

    Hope this helps! 🙂


    Cryout Creations Team


    You can selectively re-enable the image’s full-height behaviour (after disabling it in the options) for the homepage only with CSS:

    .home .lp-staticslider {
        height: 100vh;

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