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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the awesome Fluida theme. Fluida provides plenty of customization opportunities, but I have not found a way to customize blockquote. Would anybody be able to help me out how to do this? All I want to do is change the font size and font type.



    Cryout Creations mastermind

    You can do that with custom styling:

    .entry-content blockquote {
        font-size: ...;
        font-family: ...;

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    I’m using the Parabola theme for our Tested Technology Web publication and ran into a problem with BlockQuotes when doing occasional editing with the Android version of WordPress.

    Parabola BlockQuotes don’t allow blank lines between paragraphs. A single blank line created in the Visual Editor (we have turned off Gutenberg) created with a single carriage return appears as such in the Visual Editor, but previews and publishes just as a linefeed.

    I discovered that it’s possible to kluge a blank line paragraph separator by using single carriage returns and then going back into the BlockQuote and inserting a second carriage return IN FRONT OF each previous carriage return.

    I needed to do this because a regular double carriage return exits the BlockQuote.

    This technique creates the desired multi-paragraph BlockQuote and the paragraph delimiter thus produced:
    …shows up in the Visual editor as a double blank line but appears in preview and on publication as a single blank line.

    This construct survives further WordPress edits, either Visual or Text. However, when the same post or page is edited in the Android version of WordPress it gets “cleaned” to a single blank line, appearing subsequently as a mere linefeed inside the BlockQuote.

    After a prolonged discussion with the excellent Android WordPress help desk, we came to the conclusion that this cleaning process was generally desirable and the bug lay with the need for this BlockQuote kluge.

    Alicia at the help desk came up with a counter-kluge, which is to add the following CSS to Parabola in order to restore the margin-bottom that BlockQuote removes:

    #content blockquote p {
        margin-bottom: 22px;

    This fix does the job, except that it now introduces an undesirable additional blank line at the end of the last paragraph in the BlockQuote. I’m guessing that this is why Parabola’s BlockQuote coder removed the margin-bottom in the first place, assuming that it would only ever contain one paragraph.

    I’m hoping to be able to persuade Parabola’s devs that having multiple paragraphs inside a single BlockQuote is a desirable design goal and that this is a bug worth fixing.

    Alternatively/meanwhile, I’d welcome suggestions from the forum for an improvement on the Alicia counter-kluge that eliminates that extra terminal blank line.


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    Cryout Creations mastermind

    @sya1130, try this CSS:

    .entry-content blockquote::before, 
    .entry-content blockquote::after {
         display: none;

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