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    Michael Livingston

    First off, Nirvana is amazing. I’m still playing around with the customization of things, but I’m VERY impressed with what a spectacularly friendly codebase of operations you have created. Well done.

    That said, I would love to see an update that allows for customization of where the post navigation appears: the “previous” and “next” published post navigations currently appear AFTER the main body of a blog post (just above the comments). I would greatly prefer to see those navigation links appear BEFORE the blog post (or in BOTH places). It would be an added bonus to be able to change the color scheme of these same navigation links independently of the overall hyperlink coloring (which is what I believe they default to currently?).

    The only other snag I have found in these regards is that it the divider for the comment section is a bit on the large side. But that’s survivable.

    Many thanks for the hard work. Well done indeed!

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