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    I recently took over management of a website using the Tempera theme. Included in the social media links/icons are 2 custom buttons. I need to delete one but cannot find where to do so. My instinct was to go to: “Appearance –> Social Media Settings” but only see our actual social media links. These icons appear next to the search field at the top of the page, along the right side of the page, and in the footer (I do know how to change these settings).

    Where would I find these custom links/icons that live with the social media icons?



    Cryout Creations Team

    The theme supports up to 5 social icons. The indicated site displays 7 social icons, which means it was customized to do this.
    You will most likely need to browse the code of the child theme to figure things out (the customizations may be based on the information available here:

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