Css issues with ad inserter

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    I am having issues when I use Ad Inserter on Fluida.

    I am using a 3 column layout with 2 article displayed side by side on cat pages.

    If I want ads on home page or category pages the top ad is under the articles.

    If I disable masonry, the ad is displayed correct, but then I only have one article in the first row of articles and then an empty spot where article 2 should have been.

    Next row of articles are normal.

    So how do I get this to work properly, with the ad box above the 2 columns of articles?


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    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Because the ad is added as an extra element in the posts list, this messes up the number of the posts by one, making the styling apply in the wrong places.

    Ads should be placed in the theme’s before/after content widget areas so they don’t interfere with posts ordering.

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