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    I have added a Cryout Column Widget, selected an image and assigned a link, then saved that widget. If I come back later and click the Select/Upload Image button and choose a new image, the Save button is no longer active, which makes is impossible to save the image change.

    this is not a huge deal because i simply add a new column widget and delete the one that will not save, but it is inconvenient.

    i am not sure but it seems this began two theme updates ago. Also, i find the problem present with several sites, which makes me think it is not something i am doing.

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    I have just figured out that changing any field other than replacing the image does activate the SAVE button. For instance, if I cut the link and paste it back in. Until just now i have rarely used the Title and Text, and i have not had to change any of them.

    so, the issue of the SAVE button not being activated by making a change ONLY to the image is the issue.

    You may or may not consider that a bug. if you do, i guess i would put it near the bottom of the list.

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    Thank you for pointing out this nuisance. I believe it was brought by a change in the widgets behaviour in WordPress itself by a recent update. We’ll look into it and fix it in the next theme update.

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