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    I am an Amazon affiliate and have separate sites using the EasyAmoz theme specifically designed to support the Amazon Affiliate image/text links and my own description.

    I also want to put a series of book resource pages into my Mantra blog and format them either as two vertical columns (no widget sidebars).  On the left would be the html <iframe…/> link that Amazon creates for each book, and on the right would be (aligned with the image) a brief written description or a horizontal format with multiple images and text beneath each.  So far, I can’t even get an Amazon link to show up on a page, let alone format it where I want it.  You used to have Text/HTML modes and I would put Amazon text links into blog posts  in HTML mode, but that seems to have changed. So, I’m trying to create a series of pages with either a vertical column of images and a matching column of descriptions (or, if possible) repeating horizontal rows of multiple images with descriptions under each image has led me to a dead end.

    I have a tag for a parent page labeled Books/Resources on my home blog page, and on that parent page, I have created links for different book catagories (I could alternately use a one-level child page for each book category, but the actual book links would still be on other pages).  I want each link to point to an “orphan” series of pages with forward/backward or numerical links to navigate them.  The problem I’m having is creating and formatting the actual pages with the Amazon image/title links.  Even if I take a blank default template page and just try to paste in a single Amazon link, nothing shows on preview (though I see a placeholder in “Visual” and the link HTML code in “Text” mode.

    I need help figuring out why the Amazon links don’t show (they did on an earlier version of Mantra and they do on other themes).  I also need help formatting each page to show either a vertical list of images on the left with my own descriptions on the right or a horizontal layout of, for example, four side-by-side images, each with my own brief recommendation below before the next row starts.

    If I were coding straight HTML, I’d use a borderless table or one of several other formatting tricks, but I am NOT a PHP programmer and don’t even know which of your templates to use, let alone how to make it do what I want.  I basically want to be able to create something like the borderless table and use the cells to contain images and text. I’ve seen references to tables in a couple of comments, but nothing in the doc. Anything you can offer to help me would be appreciated.  Examples – with vertical bars to indicate alignment

    |             image          |           image             |         image      |       image       |

    | texttexttexttext | texttexttexttext | texttexttext  | texttexttext |

    repeat to end of each page


    image        |text…

    image        |text…

    image        |text…

    repeat to end of page

    I would not want to waste valuable time creating new templates and .CSS files (I’m a software consultant and can’t spare the extra time) if there is an easier way to do this that I just don’t know about in Mantra. At this point, I’m thinking of just creating another site with the EasyAmoz theme I use and linking directly to that for my Amazon sales items.

    Thanks for any help,







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