Create an auto-updating copyright statement in the footer?

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    Another theme I was using had a boilerplate footer along the lines of “Copyright © [current year] [website name] – All Rights Reserved.”

    How would I implement that in Mantra? Not sure if it would be CSS, Javascript, HTML, the footer field under Advanced Settings, or a combination thereof.

    Thanks much!

    – David

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    [current year] [website name] were most likely shortcodes that generated their displayed content dynamically on the frontend.
    Mantra supports shortcodes in the footer text field as well, but does not provide such shortcodes (mostly because shortcodes are not accepted in repository themes).
    If those shortcodes were provided by a plugin which is still present on the site then they should still work. Otherwise you’ll need to look for a plugin that provides such shortcodes, or write the shortcodes yourself.

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    Thank you Zed! I’ll look into shortcodes. By the way, the other theme (Atahualpa) didn’t use the expressions [current year] and [website name] as such; sorry, I should have said {current year} and {website name}, to indicate that those were variables. So the actual statement I have there currently is

    Copyright © 2021 – All Rights Reserved
    Powered by WordPress & Atahualpa

    I don’t know how Atahualpa updates the year automatically, and I can not longer access the theme’s settings (One of the recent WordPress updates “broke” the theme), to try to figure it out. I suppose I can search through the source files.

    But in terms of implementing something similar in Mantra, shortcodes sounds like a good way to do that, since they’re supported in the footer text field. But if there’s a better way, since I don’t necessarily have to use shortcodes, let me know!

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