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    When I use the normal menu with drop down sub-menu items they always drop down to the right side. Using several sub-menus causes ‘leaving the screen on the right side’ at longer menu entries. So how can I drop down sub-menu items to the left side? I can’t find any CSS, seems it could be regulated via data base? Thank you for your help.

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    The theme is designed with efficiency and speed in mind and relies almost entirely on CSS for the menu’s functionality (employing almost no JavaScript code for it). As such it does not include any additional JS code for edge detection.

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    Ok, thank you very much, Zed. So it seems that this is not to solve via CSS (e.g. CSS anywhere like ‘left: -149px;’ for sub-menu or similar)…
    Nevertheless: For me Septera is the one of the best themes I found until now. It’s all very well elaborated. Other theme developers could learn from its code. Fantastic work!


    Dear Zed, I finally created a simple and tiny CSS script for my childtheme’s style.css setting the whole sub-menu only a bit to the left:

    .sub-menu {
    left: -40px;

    This way I keep some longer menu entries ‘within the screen’ of smaller computers resolution, just before the menu would toggle to ‘tablet menu view’ with the ‘list menu’ appearance. No JavaScript needed and no ‘destruction’ of the theme, I think.

    Again thank you very much for this fantastic theme and your fast and serious support!


    .sub-menu {
    left: -40px;


    Glad I could help you.

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