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    In Septera – I’m trying to create a button out of one of the main menu items by using CSS to style it with a bright-colored background and rounded edges. But for some reason, I cannot over-ride the ‘line-height’ that is set in the customizer. I’ve tried everything and the button is always 100% of the height of the main menu navbar. Any thoughts on how to style a single link in the main nav? Thanks, kevin

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    The line-height and height are applied to both the list element (menu item) and the inner anchor and span.
    However, I’d advise against changing the (line-)height of the list element – try applying your styling on the inner span only: #access > a > span { }

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    AH. Okay. That works. I had to adjust the “display” selector to remove the inherited height. Thanks for clarifying!

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