Content Length of zero doesn't work for Featured Boxes 2

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    Setting a Content Length of zero for Featured Boxes 2 should cause the excerpt text to disappear, leaving just the title and More link. This doesn’t work. It does work for Featured Boxes (ie the first lot) but not for Featured Boxes 2 (the second lot). It looks like the Content Length is being completely ignored in the second lot.


    The stopgap solution is to add the following CSS:

    section.lp-boxes-2 div.lp-box-text div.lp-box-text-inside { display: none; }


    Cryout Creations Team

    I cannot confirm this issue, the content length option works fine in my tests (considering the same code is responsible for all featured boxes sections and it cannot behave differently depending on section).
    Note however that the option applies to automatically generated excerpts only – manual excerpts defined for posts are always displayed as-is.

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    That makes sense – so if I kill the –more– tag then it will stop happening. Cool.

    Personally, I think the length setting of zero should override manual excerpts as well, but I can see both sides of the argument.

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