Contact Form Plugins crash my Mantra Theme site

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    I really hope someone can help, I have tried loads of contact form plugins for the Mantra Theme. Most had all created the same problem, once activated the Mantra Settings page didn’t display with just the heading for each section, but spread out every option, I also noticed that on the layout section – content sidebar width would change to 0 px with no way to change it at all. and the live site would display as a random slice about 1cm in the centre of the page. Even deactivating the plugin wouldn’t revert back to normal, the only way of sorting this was to rest to defaults all the settings. I finally thought I had found a plugin that was working – nothing ground breaking (very simple) PROPER contact form. I also had to install WP-Mail-SMTP to get the submitted contact forms through to email (but I understand that is quite standard). Since the update I have had the same problem occur with both the contact form and Mail plugins. I was living with the mail problem as I could access messages through the dashboard but now have no contact form that doesn’t cause previous mentioned problem.

    has anyone else experienced this problem, is there a recommended contact form I can use with this theme?

    Please help




    In frustration I have tried adding and activating several random plugins……all popular and featured and all duplicate this fault……please someone say I’m not on my own with this



    Hi Nicci!

    Unfortunately we need to test that and see for ourselves. Please go to Premium Support and leave us a ticket with the login details so we can help you.

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