Compatible with Elementor or Beaver Builder?

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    Hi, I am trying to change my site’s theme ( with the Esotera theme. I have run into a couple of snags, and I wonder if it’s because I am trying to edit in Beaver Builder. Is Esotera compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder or both? Thanks!

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    Our themes are not optimized/integrated specifically for any content builder plugins, including Elementor and Beaver Builder, but the themes do adhere the coding best practices and you should be able to use any builder plugin inside the (page/post) content areas to build your content.

    Could you please describe the snags you ran into while using Esotera?

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    Hi, I am doing pretty well with Esotera now, except for one thing:
    It’s regarding the “Featured Image.” So, I am using a flag as a “Header Image” across the website. For Posts, I use a distinct “Featured Image” for each one. It seems that I have to put it in TWICE: First in Standard Editor on the Right side, in the section for adding a “Featured Image”; Second, I have to manually add it as an Image at the top of the Post. I need it in the Standard Editor “Featured Image” section so that the photo will show up in Post Grids. So, I guess I’m wondering why Esotera isn’t loading the Featured Image at the top of my posts? Thanks! [Example at

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    Is the theme’s option to use featured images in the header currently active?

    The theme also uses a size requirement (75%), under which it will not use the featured image in the header to avoid possible cropping and blurriness due to the large difference between required size and actual size.
    If the featured images are generally not used in the header and you’re fine with the possible side-effects, you can turn this size requirement off from the options.

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    Hi, my issue is not the HEADER image. My issue is the “Featured Image” does not show up on the blogpost page in Esotera Theme. “Featured Image” is inserted in the Standard Editor of WordPress, on the right side. After I insert it, it does not show up on the published blogpost page. I have to insert it a SECOND time MANUALLY, at the top of the blogpost, as an IMAGE; I use Beaver Builder to add a column and image. So, in essence, I am adding the image TWICE to get it to show up both at the top of the post as well as in the auto-generated Post Grids which appear on the Home page and Blog page (with the “Featured Image” thumbnail). I hope that makes sense.

    Example of Post Grid with Featured Image thumbnails:

    Example of BlogPost with manually added Image at the top, because Featured Image isn’t showing up:

    So, after working with this for some time, I don’t think it has anything to do with the topic, “Compatible with Elementor or Beaver Builder.” It seems to be a bug in Esotera. If you have any insight, I’d appreciate it. Or perhaps, it is just something that needs to be fixed on your end with coding. Thanks!

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