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    is the Nirvana theme compatible with WordPress 5.7? If I check my site with the jQuery Migrate helper under WordPress 5.6.2 shows a lot of warnings. The following warnings in relation to Nirvana occurs:

    jQuery.fn.hover() is deprecated
    Query.fn.scroll() event shorthand is deprecated event shorthand is deprecated

    Is a update for Nirvana planned? Can I migrate to WP5.7 also with this warnings?

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    Cryout Creations Team


    We are aware of the JavaScript deprecation warnings and we will resolve them in the next Nirvana update.

    While you have the jQuery Migrate plugin installed, there should be no differences in functionality between 5.6 and 5.7. Without it, most outdated JS functionality will fail on WordPress 5.7.

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    Thanks for your answer. WP 5.7 is over one month “in the wild”. The jQuery Migrate plugin is designed only for a short migration period.

    How long time you need until the next nirvana update?

    Best regards,

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