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    Hi Zed

    Now using Esotera with Arcanum. Quite enjoying but noticing one issue. In the theme, the Comment Reply button is above the comment box (upper right) rather than below. If people want to reply, they don’t naturally roll back to the top but instead move forward and add a new comment, breaking the thread.

    Is there custom CSS for moving the Reply link from upper right to lower right? That would work better.



    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Hi David,

    The position of the individual “Reply” buttons is a design choice and in-line with the comment author and meta information.

    The markup for that button (it being part of the comments meta and header container) makes it difficult to move below the comment content. You can try the following CSS to relocate it inside the comment text container, making it more visually connected to that particular comment:

    body .comment .reply {
        top: 2.7em;
        right: 1.5em;

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    Hi Zed
    Thanks. That is an interesting option and works but won’t address the issue.

    I understand the design point but it stumbles on workflow. As mentioned, people don’t back up to Reply so they usually just use the ‘Leave A Reply’ box that follows. Then comments are all stand-alone and not threaded. In complex discussions, this is harder to follow.

    Happy with the theme otherwise.

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