Comment Problem after Updating to WP 6.3

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    Since updating my WordPress installation to 6.3, I’m getting a itemprop=”discussionURL” message on my blog landing page. WordPress is telling me that it’s a conflict with the theme. I am using the Roseta theme at present.


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    I am experiencing the same problem after going to 6.3. It only shows on my Search Results page. I tried changing from 3×3 to 2×2 and it was still there. I am using Septera Plus. My site is:



    I have the same problem with my Mystic site after installing to WP 6.3 it show on post pages the postmeta itemprop=”discussionURL”11 Comments my site is


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    Really disappointing to see no response from the admins/devs. I fear Cryout Creations themes are no longer viable if there is no support. My site has been built around Nirvana and Septera, and I really don’t want to change, but I will be forced to if things can’t get fixed.



    Unfortunately, I’m coming to the same conclusion, and have started thinking about looking for a different theme.

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    Carrie, I found a workaround to make that text go away.

    Go into Appearance, Customize, then when in the Customizer, go to Post Information, Meta Information, and uncheck the box for Display Comments.

    Disabling that option will make the itemprop=”discussionURL” text go away, but it also takes away the count of how many comments are on each post. If you can live with losing that number, you can get rid of the text that is showing up now.

    Hopefully someone fixes this as this is almost certainly only the beginning of more defects that will show up as WordPress is updated, but these themes are not.


    Thank you, Mike! Your workaround worked and it was fast and easy.

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    If you really want to fix it:
    Open the file includes/comments.php
    On line 108 change



    cryout_schema_microdata(‘comment-meta’, 0);

    This keeps the comment counts, and removes the itemprop=”discussionURL”.



    Running WP6.4 with Esotera, I am also affected by the issue. Both fixes work. When can we expect an official fix?

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