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    Since the WordPress 6.3 update, on the Blog page, where one would normally expect to see Comments counted as text after the tags listing, there is html showing: itemprop=”discussionURL”0. This is also the case on the Roseta theme where I have another site. It only shows on the Blog page, not on individual post pages. I am showing the link to my Blog on my staging site, as my main site is under construction at the moment. According the WordPress when I submitted a ticket to them, this is not a Core issue. They said “The text comes from a theme file: prototypes.php, line 777.”

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    Cryout Creations mastermind


    We are aware of that issue and we’ll correct it as soon as possible with a theme update. WordPress 6.3 changed how a core hook we filter in the theme is used.

    In the meantime you can hide the erroneous text by disabling the comment count visibility through the theme options.

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    Thank you very much for the answer, Zed, and the fix! Got it done. Apparently there a more than a few bugs in the new 6.3 release of WordPress.

    Steve Procter
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    I just came to find out about this too, we’re all looking forward to the fix 🙂



    Any progress on fixing this? Would love to turn the comment counter back on in Fluida.

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