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    Elizabeth G.

    I have been working on setting up my blog. I do have my allow comments checked everywhere possible. However, the comment box will not show up anywhere. If my pages are set to default, the comment box will show, but my posts will not show. If I have the page set to something other than default, the posts show on my page, and the comment box is gone. I have spent lots of time trying to figure this out, and still haven’t come up with a solution. I have tried entering the php as well, and that didn’t work. Any help or suggesteds, would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    Joe Nance

    I had a similar problem. I would click on the comment button and though the page would refresh, no comment box appeared. I deleted the existing test post and comment. When I added another post the comment box showed when I clicked on the button.

    I do have a problem that all comments that I make seem to automatically become approved although I have checked that they need to be approved by an administrator. I know from my personal blog that spam is rampant.

    I do hope that you can fix this soon.




    P.S. I’m not sure that your Captcha is working. I know once I mispelled one of the words and the comment was posted anyway.




    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Elizabeth, if you’re by any chance using the ‘Category Page with intro’ page template, that one doesn’t display comments.  Pages, categories and posts are 3 separate things (using 3 separate templates, as far as the theme is concerned). I’m not sure from your statement what works and what doesn’t.

    Joe: The reCaptcha only uses one word for checking. The other word is actually our contribution to Google’s books digitizing effort.

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