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    Hi Cryout,
    I’m still irritated about the color settings. I’m using Fluida, but I’ve done a bit of research and this seems to be a problem for all of your themes. I suspect it’s a problem for every WordPress theme, but I don’t have the time to research it.
    For example: I want to set the Site Text to a dark magenta and the Site Background to a light color (a very very light magenta, almost beige). Then I’d like to set the Footer text to the very light magenta and the background to the dark magenta. And it works great…except…that the “Powered By” note at the bottom of the Footer can’t be read properly, since the Footer background and the Primary Accent are now the same color. Since, somewhere, the words “Fluida” and “WordPress” are set to be links of a sort and so they are Primary Accent color, which is also the Site Text color. So, I changed the background to a very slightly magenta/brown gray. The very dark magenta text looks okay, but…the background is not the nearly Sepia shade I wanted.

    I have not set up Widgets at this time. I’m going to have to do that…and…what will happen to my colors? I have no idea.

    Why is this so difficult? It would have been much easier to pick a color for each object.

    Finally, what’s “Secondary Content Background”? I read the documentation and I guess it’s the background color for the “right” sidebar. That’s all it does, I think. Sad that you could not do that with all the other objects/features.

    I like most of the features I find in Fluida. However I could not give it a very high rating because of the color management. It is really irritating.

    Rejoice Always?



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