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    hi there,
    After trying many themes and much hassle I finally found codex, and much to my relief it has all the different features I’ve been after.
    However I have noticed that the items in my top menu will only display up to a certain distance, and I can’t scroll to the rest of them. This problem is even worse on the phone, where the additional menu items begin showing up over the top of other menu items.
    If you could possibly help me figure out why I would be most greatful, as I would prefer not to have to hunt for another theme. This is easiest to see if you look at the menu option character creation and then go races.



    Cryout Creations Team

    Could you provide some screenshots to exemplify this issue?

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    Please read the available documentation and search the forums before posting.

    Certainly, here is a screenshot from both the mobile version and desktop.
    As you can see on mobile submenu items are showing up over other menu items, and on desktop the accessible options stop at “Firbolg” however there are a great many more options below that that I am unable to scroll to.
    (I could not see a way to upload images into this post, so I have uploaded them to my website, links are provided below)





    Apologies if this sent twice but I hit post and it doesnt appear to have appeared, so something may of glitched out.

    As you can see on desktop, the options stop at “firbolg” however there are a great many options below that, and I am unable to scroll to them, it begins to but then the top menu follows me.

    On mobile the additional submenu options do show, but are going straight over the top of other menu items, making it very hard to select anything and making it look quite messy.



    Cryout Creations Team

    The screenshots seem to indicate that there could be some styling missing. Is the issue permanent or intermittent? Could you test with multiple devices to see if you see the same result on all of them?

    The site appears to load and work fine for me in my tests (although it intermittently takes a very long while to load).

    Also note that you are using caching and you may need to turn this off to rule out any interference (and to ensure any configuration changes you make take immediate effect).

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    Please read the available documentation and search the forums before posting.

    I deactivated all caching and optimising plugins, then tried again, still the same problem.
    I also asked some friends to test it and they all reported the same issue.
    It mostly only happens with as I said Character creation – Races.
    as the list is too long to display on a single screen.

    I think that it would be solved for desktop, if I could get the top menu to stay at the top, and not follow as I scroll down. (currently no matter how far I scroll I can see and access the navigation, but I want to leave it at the top, so once I have scrolled down I can no longer see it.) I just cant find the setting to tell it to do that.

    However I do not know what could be causing the issue on the phone.


    I have sort of fixed the desktop issue by turning off fixed header, so it is no longer sticky. Now provided the page you are on is long enough you can scroll down til you get to the item you want. However if the page is a short one, such as the homepage. The you still cannot reach them all, as it doesnt extend the length of the page to allow for the size of the menu.

    But this has not resolved the issue on mobile. I still have no idea how to resolve this issue.



    Nevermind, I found more bugs and it was loading super slow, so I swapped themes and now have a near perfect load time and no bugs.
    Thanks for the assistance.

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