Clicking issues with Anima Featured Boxes Top & Bottom

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    Glenn Zucman

    Thanks for Anima! What a beautiful theme!! 🙂

    When you click on a “blog post”, you can click on any part of the image, or on the title.

    However, for the “Featured Boxes Top” and “Featured Boxes Bottom” (blog posts) you can only see the post if you mouseover and then click on the Read More link — you can’t get there by clicking on any other part of the image, or by clicking the title, or the text.

    I worry that this is a SMALL problem on a laptop… but a LARGE problem on a phone. On the phone I find it very confusing and you have to touch the post a lot to get the post to load. I think this link behavior is going to lose a lot of visitors.

    Could there be a way (or an option) to have the Whole Image, and the Title clickable?





    We’ll take into consideration making the images themselves clickable.

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