child theme leaves option.php blank

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    Jason Martin

    I’m trying to put a white background beind the slider only, on the presentation page, as seen on my website. So I created a child them and went to editing a new “theme-frontpage.php”. When I noticed that my changes were not taking I created a “function.php” for my child theme and add only this line to it.




    Now when I try to update options for the Mantra theme, it leaves me at a blank “wp-admin/option.php” page.





    Jason Martin

    this is the line I added. I am not sure why you doesn’t show above.

    require_once( get_stylesheet_directory() . “/includes/theme-frontpage.php”); //Frontpage generation

    Jason Martin

    never mind, Dreamweaver was adding blank lines every where so I was getting the header already sent error. I fixed Dreamweaver and my files; everything works beautifully now.

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