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    HI Cryout Creations,
    I have been using Parabola, Mantra And Verbosa on my three websites for almost two years. I am considering changing Parabola and Verbosa to Fluida. One reason is the potential of Page Templates. Before I buy the Plus version I have a question: is there a simple (non-code-writing) way to have two or more “Post Pages”. I’d like to have one template for my short stories and another for my essays. It would be great if I could have 4 or 5 “Post Pages”. Somehow, I think WordPress won’t let this happen…
    Second Question: If I don’t like the Plus Version of Fluida, do you have an easy way to transfer my purchase to another theme…or can I change my purchase to the extra support?
    Third Question: What’s the best way to change/install a new theme once I’m ready to do so?
    Finally, a bit of praise. After playing with about 30 different themes, I picked Fluida, Kahuna and Rosetta as my top choices. Y’All ain’t perfect. But you’re really good. Perhaps that’s why I picked Cryout Creations’ themes two years ago.
    So, Now, I’m trying to decide between these three. They are very, very similar. I wish I could talk to someone about what I want to do and which theme would be best. Ultimately, it’s going to be a trade-off. That animation on Fluida’s landing page is very seductive.
    Rejoice Always!


    Cryout Creations Team

    For obvious reasons (maintenance and saving on some headaches ;-)) our themes share a lot of the code between them (within the two sets – classic and customizer-based, more specifically). Choosing between themes from the same set is mostly a visual choice.

    WordPress’ blog page carries the specific functionality of displaying all posts from all categories in a (descending) freshness order. While having one such section makes total sense, I’m not sure how two or more would work – do they simply display the same posts in the same manner or how would they be different?
    If the intended outcome is to display different posts filtered by a criteria (category? tags? author?), that’s already possible with WordPress’ built-in various category / tags / archive sections.

    We’re definitely not perfect (but one can hope…) so we can’t really decide for you what to theme to chose. The best we can do is answer specific questions about what a theme can or can’t do, and also how.

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    Hi Zed,
    You’re wondering why I’d want to have more than one Posts Page. Here’s why:
    My website is where I publish my short stories, essays and poetry. The perfect thing would be for me to have a different “look” for each category. For example, the picture in the Short Story header, the background, etc. would be different. One for stories, one for essays, and so forth.
    I actually thought about having a different sub-domain for each one, but that means lots of extra maintenance, I think.
    Fluida has the option in the PLUS version to have different templates for pages. I think this means that these templates make it easier to design pages like “Log In” or “About Always Rejoicing” or such. Now, this is probably a question, but, after reading your answer, I’m wondering if I could set up a page with a template and a widget that would display the “Poetry” category…??? The “BLOCKS” on the Landing Page do this. I’ve set up my test site with the category “Favorites” and now I can have a block on the Landing Page that displays the stories in my “Favorites” category. I really, really like that very much.
    Parabola has the “Categories” widget that I use as a menu device. But the Blocks in Fluida work so much better. (BTW…it’s because Parabola has problems on the iPhones that I started searching for another theme. I’m sure you’ll fix it. But I began to realize that my design looked dated. That started me searching for the ‘perfect’ theme for me.)
    I wish I could test the PLUS version, but I understand that if I download the theme and it ‘does not fit’ I can’t ‘return’ it like I would a shirt or jeans.
    It looks like I will have to subscribe to the extra support, as I’m starting to produce a ton of questions.
    Thanks for answering my question.
    Rejoice Always!


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