Changing the 'page title' color?

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    Hello. I’ve decided to go with the Mantra theme for my wordpress blog, but there’s one glitch I cannot seem to solve…the color of my ‘page titles’ that sit on top of the coloring of my “menu background color” or “content background color” when the viewer is on that specific page. Right now they are stuck a dark grey color. I seem to be able to edit the color for everything else, so why not these? If I am missing something, please let me know. Not being able to change those colors is throwing my whole scheme off, so any assistance here would be great. Thank you!



    I am sure that I tell you how to fix this, but I am not sure what section you are wanting to change. Can you post a screen shot with an arrow or circle on it? You can also post a link and I will be able to tell what does not match your color pallet.


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