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    As we’ve announced here, Mantra version 3.0 brings several changes which can change things on your site:

    • Page templates have been rearranged – this will result in broken layouts on the (static) pages previously using page templates reverting to the general site layout.
      The solution is to edit these static pages and re-assign the corresponding templates to them.
    • Most of the styling and some of the scripts were rewritten – in combination with a caching plugin (or simply aggressive browser cache) this can result in broken layout, missing images, missing social icons and more throughout the site.
      The solution is to clear your plugin’s cache (if you’re using one) and to force refresh your browser.
    • Styles enqueues were rewritten entirely (to bring the functionality up to date with WordPress coding standards) – this is the change that can also cause most issues, especially if you’re using a child theme which relies on old code.
      Depending on the complexity of your child theme the update will simply require that you edit your child theme to use the new styling enqueue methods or may require a complete child theme rewrite.
      If you notice styling issues after the update because the styles get loaded in the wrong order, edit your child theme and replace the existing enqeues with:
    • Several theme settings have new defaults – these will not take effect on your site if you’ve already configured the theme, but if you’re still using the theme’s example presentation page images they will go missing after the update.
      You’ll need to set your own images or update their URLs to use the new sample images:
      1. http://yourdomain.tld/resources/images/slider/mantra-slider-1.jpg, -2 and -3 for the slides
      2. http://yourdomain.tld/resources/images/slider/mantra-column-1.jpg, -2 and -3 for the column images

    If you’re still having trouble after performing the described solution steps, don’t hesitate to start a topic or contact our support service.

    If you’re not happy with the 3.0 changes there’s also the option of reverting to the previous theme release. WordPress does not provide a direct solution for this, however it can be done using the Rollback plugin:

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    Also read the existing documentation.


    Until I understand further how to correct the formatting caused by the latest update, please let me know how to install my previous version of Mantra.
    Thank you,



    Mantra is a really great theme, but having just updated to 3.0.2, as I noticed version 3.0 causes the organisation of tables and media files to become very messy. Previously I had 8 columns and 8 recordings in two rows, Now I can barely get 4 columns and as you attempt to play the media files the layout changes. see the url below
    I’d welcome any advice.
    Many thanks in advance





    I just updated and my website has way too much padding/margins.

    There wasnt this much space between text lines, borders, margins, padding, etc before the update.

    please help. thank you!





    An update to my post about tables. I discovered it is more to do with displaying the inbuilt media player to wordpress. For some reason the size can change and will change if you play a media file. I got around this by downloading a 3rd party media player.




    @thomasw, I have edited the first post with more information, including rollback.

    @chindmarsh, We have not customized or applied any player styling or behaviour. Did you check if the player behaves differently on Mantra than one of the default Twenty themes (for example)?

    @markl, the new padding is part of the updated design. Mantra used to be very cramped and small, current design trends use a lot more spacing all around (we’ve been quite reserved with this however in the 3.0 updates, trying to keep most of Mantra’s personality).

    If you like our creations, please rate them on
    Also read the existing documentation.

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