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    On the home page (Presentation Page) how do I change the titles that read above and below the slider that currently read “This could be a title” and “and this is a second title”. I am sure it is something easy but I just cannot find where to change them out or remove them.



    never mind I found it thanks

    Ed Gwynn

    Wait, I’ve got the same question.  How do you edit this text?

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Every line of text that appears on the presentation page is editable from the Presentation Page section of Mantra Settings. Just click on the names of the areas/subsections and a lot of fields will open up.

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    Ed Gwynn

    Thanks……I could have sworn I selected every possible selection, but I obviously missed this one!


    Hi ! I got the same problem here, i’ve go to presentation page of mantra settings but still can’t find it can you tell me where is the specific location? thanks before

    Ed Gwynn

    Select “Extra Text” in the Extras section….last section on the Presentation Page.


    Thanks mate! I ‘ve checked almost everything but this one! finally!

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